Little Dom’s Big Adventure

Little Dom’s Big Adventure involveds a motorbike journey from the UK to Japan to help raise funds and awareness for Aid For Japan. Ahead of setting off on his journey, Dominic Farwell-Cooke was the focus of an Aid For Japan event at the Daiwa Foundation earlier this month to see him off.

The evening started off with a talk by Aid For Japan founder Akemi Solloway and followed up by Dom explaining in more detail what his endeavour will entail.

The journey (which is entirely self-funded by Dom) will be tracked by 4 cameras that he will be taking with him. The plan is to upload regular video updates as his journey progresses, internet access permitting. Talking a little about the inspiration behind the journey, Dom commented that it was inspired in part by a photo taken of Earth on one of the Apollo moon missions, reminding him that everyone who has lived, is currently living and will live in the future was on that blue orb in the sky. “It’s important to me to help other people” Dom added.

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