Fundraising at Earls Court

Fund raising activity on the 1st and 2nd October 2011 at London Earls Court At this event we raised money by selling customized jewelery, drawing Japanese tattoos and anime portraits!! Please join us and help support a fabulous cause. Thank … Read More

2nd Bunkasai Club gathering

Many thanks to our friends for coming to the second Bunkasai Club meet-up. We hope you have found it enjoyable and worthwhile. Our conversations! This week we had discussions about the difficulties of learning European (and British) languages, the merits and … Read More

Debut Bunkasai Club Meet-up

Thanks so much for coming! With a mix of interesting anecdotes, some film and anime discussion, a bizarre English pronunciation lesson and a lot of good will all around, the Bunkasai Club got off to a pretty good – if … Read More

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