In the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami hundreds of Japanese children were left with only their memories.

On the 11th March 2011 the east coast of Japan was struck by an undersea earthquake and subsequent tsunami. As well as the loss of life that this devastating event resulted in, hundreds of children also lost their parents and families.

Aid For Japan was founded by Akemi Solloway in 2011 to support the orphans of this tragedy. In the short-term, the charity lends help to these children by supporting them and their carers as they rebuild their lives.

Each year, Aid For Japan also stages a summer residential course in Japan designed to provide a wide range of activities for the orphans to help build their confidence. These events involve team-building exercises such as recording a song together, visiting an animal shelter that rescued many of the pets lost in the wake of the 2011 Earthquake and also learning about the many cultural differences between the UK and Japan.

Aid For Japan’s long-term aims are to help and care for these orphans through a series of initiatives and support programmes.Your donations and fundraising efforts help to make a difference. The money raised helps to fund Aid For Japan’s support for the orphans.


“On 11th March 2011 the biggest earthquake and tsunami in history struck Japan leaving at least 1,500 children as orphans. No parents, no family, no home, no pets, no school, no nothing.


As a mother myself, living in London, my heart went out to them and I felt a strong responsibility to help.


So, to that end, I set up a new charity specifically to support these children and their education until they become adults and can fend for themselves.


They will never forget what happened but, with the help of our kind volunteers, we are working hard to bring some normality back into their lives.


A mother’s love and a family’s warmth are incomparable – that is why we are doing our best.


We hope you feel the same.”


Akemi Solloway Tanaka – founder of Aid For Japan

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