2nd Bunkasai Club gathering

Many thanks to our friends for coming to the second Bunkasai Club meet-up. We hope you have found it enjoyable and worthwhile.

Our conversations!

This week we had discussions about the difficulties of learning European (and British) languages, the merits and peculiarities of many films and anime, and an in-depth conversation about post-modernism and how it might apply to Japanese art and culture. We are an interesting bunch indeed!

Food and drinks were consumed, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. If you have any suggestions for future Bunkasai Club meet-ups, please drop your thoughts in the comments below, on our facebook page, or send Akemi-sama (info@bunka-sai.com) or Daniel-san (daniel@bunkasaiclub.org.uk) an email – your input is very welcome.

Photos from the event have been uploaded to the Bunkasai Club Facebook and Flickr – please have a look and feel free to tag yourself in any of the photos!

Bunkasai Club Around The Web

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Best wishes, see you next week!

For information on next week’s event, please visit: